Galt in September 2006

Stop shucking corn and take me to bed please! (7274) (25kb) 7304.jpg (29kb) 7313.jpg (25kb) Did I hear you say that two letter G word? 7322 (19kb) 8928.jpg (27kb)
If I flap my ears harder, do you think I can take off?!? 8992 (28kb) My eyes say that I can fit this entire ball in my mouth, but my mouth says no way. 9163 (29kb) open...just...a...little...wider... 9173 (28kb) 9224.jpg (27kb) Aww, we're not going in, are we?  One more time!!! 9238 (20kb)
Crushed, but I can still pick up my toys for you.  9243 (17kb) Galt meets his nemisis: the air can. 9260 (31kb) 9264.jpg (27kb) 9265.jpg (28kb) 9268.jpg (29kb)
9275.jpg (30kb) 9276.jpg (28kb) 9277.jpg (27kb) 9278.jpg (29kb) 9279.jpg (30kb)
9280.jpg (31kb) 9294.jpg (28kb) 9297.jpg (30kb) 9301.jpg (34kb) 9302.jpg (34kb)
9303.jpg (30kb) 9310.jpg (28kb) 9320.jpg (31kb) 9322.jpg (23kb) 9323.jpg (23kb)
9324.jpg (24kb) 9325.jpg (24kb) 9340.jpg (26kb) 9353.jpg (31kb) 9355.jpg (32kb)
9365.jpg (29kb) 9383.jpg (35kb) 9390.jpg (22kb) 9426.jpg (27kb) 9433.jpg (27kb)
9459.jpg (23kb) 9463.jpg (24kb)